The network of Christians Response to HIV and AIDS in Sierra Leone over the years had made an indelible finger print in the national HIV and AIDS response in the country. The network has work a lot in mobilizing and facilitating the coordinated response of HIV in the Church. 

Training of Trainers 

Project Name   

Capacity Building in HIV /AIDS Intervention 

Target Groups 

Youth and Women Living with HIV/AIDS 


To facilitate Congregational based Savings and Credit schemes that will in turn fund activities that will help to improve livelihood opportunities of women and youth living with HIV in Sierra Leone.  The post – Ebola financial and economic crisis threatens to reverse the gains made in HIV and AIDS prevention, treatment, care and support programmes in Sierra Leone. The country faces the prospect of prolonged unemployment, deepening poverty and inequality; conditions which could increase the vulnerability of people to HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis (TB).  Unemployment, declining earnings, reductions in remittances and large falls in economic activity affects especially female headed households’ ability to pay for health care and to ensure food security

Achievements and Impact on the Communities 

  1. The training of 68 Church leaders as HIV counselors
  2. Pool of human resource for NECHRAS through the TOT training
  3. Ongoing radio discussion
  4. Consultative meeting with Church leader on domestic resource mobilization for the sustainability of HIV work in Sierra Leone
  5. The Pentecostal Movement in the country had formed alliance with NECHRAS for a concerted effort to the national HIV and AIDS response.
  6. Congregational leaders integrated HIV in their churches annual work plan
  7. Eighty thousand (80,000) HCT conducted during 2013-2017 WAD and the Church was highly involved in mobilizing its members the mass testing campaign period.
  8. NECHRAS trained counselors who are Pastors are now employed by the NACP in some counseling centers around the country.
  9. HIV stigma free message in their churches and it is highly leading church members to come out and disclose their status. Examples of such cases are in Kenema the region that has the second highest prevalence rate in the country.

Mr. Francis Farma 

Sierra Leone (NECHRAS) Coordinator 

Am delighted to share our Achievements in The Training of Trainers Program 

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Concluded Training of Trainers in Pictures 

Case Study Sierra Leone (NECHRAS)

A coordinated Church Response; Empowering communities to fight HIV and AIDS influencing factors