Pan African Christian Aids Network 

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The savings and credit scheme is purposed to provide women living with HIV with extra funds to establish small income generating projects that will economically empower them to be able to meet the daily needs required for better health and general improved standards of living. The scheme is currently active Rethy, Kpandroma and Uketha in DRC under the auspices of the CECA20 church a member of the Congo Christian AIDS Network (COCANet). 

We support Nutrition and Health Development 

Community Capacity Building 

We fight Poverty in Communities 

Community Gardens have grown vegetables and grown communities. While Community Gardens were initially set up mostly to provide extra vegetable for improved nutrition for children and mothers living with HIV and AIDS, these Gardens have additionally provided added income for the individual communities and facilitated working together, bonding and peace among community members. Our goal is to establish at least one community garden in every region in the member countries.  These community gardens are aimed to provide added nutrition to malnourished children and mothers of childbearing age, provide model-farming methods, and provide an opportunity for added income for the individuals that own the gardens.

A coordinated Church Response; Empowering communities to address HIV and AIDS influencing factors

The Boy Child
Capacity Building In Communities
Heath and Nutrition Development
Sustain Income Generation

Our Vision 

Through The Training of Trainers Program,  PACANet aims to expand the knowledge base of church congregational leaders and their followers while equipping them with skills and attitudes to help facilitate a multiplier effect by training more people within their congregations and communities to competently respond to HIV and AIDS related issues that affect the population.  PACANet has worked with different stakeholders to support them to develop and/or deliver training to specific groups and individuals to help them progress into in-demand roles needed by the community. 


What We Do 

The Boy Child Development and Empowerment 

A boy child Training is inspired by Men of Valor who have walked through the rugged paths of life, citing failures and successes and are willing to share candid truths with the younger men in Africa. The Training is designed to empower young boys with skills that will steer them through the challenges of every day interactions and living, and groom them into responsible men who are sensitive to the needs of the female counterparts and ready to stand for the rights of young girls and women.