"Linking churches, Christian organizations and Christian networks in Africa for an enhanced and comprehensive response to HIV and AIDS"


PACANet's Broad objectives (2018 - 2023)

"An AIDS free Africa; where the Impact has been mitigated" (We envision an Africa free of HIV and AIDS in some years ahead, and while we know the effects of HIV are long lasting, its impacts will be mitigated)

Pan African Christian Aids Network 

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Bring our Vision to Life 

PACANet's Regional based Programs:

  1. Facilitate a comprehensive HIV and AIDS Christian response for prevention and care services in the member countries over the next 5 years (Capacity development through Training programs)

  2. Support and equip for personal development, to ensure economic empowerment through the country Christian AIDS networks (CCANets) - (Economic empowerment and community development)

  3. Initiate and develop sustainability strategies for PACANet and the response it coordinates and facilitates. (Resource Mobilization/genertion and sustainability)

  4. Sustain a ​P​an African collaborative response ​that​ ensure​s​ synergy through coordinated regional engagements (Networking and Information Sharing)

CL1: Network Formation
CL2: Training of Trainers
CL3: Micro Finance Schemes for Poverty alleviation
CL4: Life Skills for the Boy Child to address Gender Based Violence
CL5: Community Gardens for Improved Nutrition and Income Generation
CL 6: Skills Training Courses

RL.1 - Country based Mobilization facilitation and Monitoring
RL.2 - Training Programs to address Knowledge Gap among target groups
RL.3 - Facilitate the establishment of Country specific Intervention programs that         address HIV and AIDS challenges

PACANet aims to link churches/congregations for purposes of coordinating their individual responses to HIV and AIDS.  This will help congregations to share information, learning and tasks.  Together churches are stronger and accountable to each other.  

CCANet- Country Level Intervention Programs