Pan African Christian Aids Network 

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PACANet's Resource Pool is an exhaustive database and accumulation of human capital with their educational qualifications, past experiences, specializations, expertise, commitment and passion to volunteer for the Organization at Regional or Country level. Persons who are listed on PACANet's resource pool are volunteers referred to as 'Resource Persons".

The current PACANet secretariat team is a skeletal central team coordinating and working with the Country Christian AIDS Networks (CCANets), which are local country teams with organized structures that stretch to the grass root levels.

Each member Country runs HIV and AIDS programs unique and relevant to itself, and this is where the Resource Persons come in handy.

With the steadily changing global trends and constrained budgets PACANet seeks to meet the challenge with the help of Resource Persons committed to its vision and mission, while building long term relationships and partnerships.

Bibian Christine Baralemwa
Technical Resource Person Programs


A coordinated Church Response; Empowering communities to address HIV and AIDS influencing factors

PACANet's Resource Pool

You can partner with us in many ways; by supporting our work at the Regional secretariat level, or supporting a program at country or community/grassroots level.

Please join us to make the difference between pre-mature death and a full life with full potential.