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We work as a network of churches to inform, transform and reform our communities.  Through our coordinated response we rebuild hope through programs that empower the communities to fight HIV and AIDS.  

"Linking churches, Christian organizations and Christian networks in Africa for an enhanced and comprehensive response to HIV and AIDS"

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our mission:

A coordinated Church Response; Empowering communities to fight HIV and AIDS influencing factors

our objectives :

Our HIV/AIDS Intervention projects are Country specific based on the needs and resources availability. Countries PACANet has worked with to establish Country Christian AIDS Networks (CCANets) include Burkina Faso (CCANet Burkina), Cameroon (CAMCANET), DRCongo (COCANet), Liberia (CHANOL), Madagascar (MACANet), Sierra Leone (NECHRAS), Swaziland (Church Forum), South Sudan (UCANS) and Uganda (CCANet Uganda).  Other countries in close collaboration include Botswana (BOCAIP) and Burundi.

The four objectives developed as below which will guide the implementation of our current strategic plan in the context of the broader organization’s mission;

  1. ​Facilitate a comprehensive HIV and AIDS Christian response for prevention and care services in the 9 countries over the next 5 years.
  2. Support and equip for personal development, to ensure economic empowerment through the country Christian AIDS networks (CCANets)
  3. Initiate and develop sustainability strategies for PACANet and the response it coordinates and facilitates.
  4. Sustain a ​P​an African collaborative response ​that​ ensure​s​ synergy through coordinated regional engagements


Thanks to the following Partners for supporting us achieve coordinated Church Response; Empowering communities to fight HIV and AIDS influencing factors. 

Positively engaging and positioning the Church in Africa as an effective and efficient key partner in the response to HIV and AIDS towards and an AIDS free Africa 

Pan African Christian Aids Network 

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